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Our DMV smart TV installers provide TV wall mounting, Flat screen TV relocation service and Smart TV installation service in Washington DC, Baltimore Maryland and Northern Virginia. We provide professional TV wall installers who come mount your TV on your drywall at your home office or home. We wall mount TVs for apartments renters, fitness centers, corporate offices, gyms, homeowners. Let the trained, experienced professionals wall mount your TV and do it right the first time. Our Smart tv installers wall mount TV primarily for homeowners, apartment renters, interior designers, new home builders, realtors, apartment communities, business offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, small businesses, churches, corporate, childcare centers, daycare centers, property management companies, real estate agents, interior design firms, construction companies, Military, college students, universities, non profit organizations, public school districts, retail stores and more. Let the trained, experienced professionals wall mount technicians install your TV and do it right the first time.  

Same Day service available

Customer provide the TV mount

( Cable Hiding with Cord cover upon request )

Floating shelf installation - Concrete installation - TV installation on Bricks - Fireplace TV installation

Projector installation - Smart TV installation - Entertainment center - TV wall Dismounting service

Curtain rod installation

Whiteboard installation

Glassboard installation



Residential & Commercial installation

30 days guarantee on workmanship - Quality service

Travel fee may be included depending on location

CALL : (240) 764-6143 

At Furniture Experts Corporation, we understand the need to have your TV wall mounted. We understand you need to watch that Superbowl game with all your friends with a big nice well mounted TV on your fancy drywall. Be assure that having a professional wall mount your TV is luxury anymore. Let the professionals do the right job, and do it right the first time

Are you tired of for a professional to wall mount your TV ? are you tired of having your TV just sitting on that basic stand the manufacturer sent you ? 

Furniture Experts Corporation does not only assemble furniture. We also provide TV wall mounting and installation services; check out this TV on the left wall mounted for a customer in Washington DC

Let the professional assemble your furniture and wall mount your TV. We have been assembling furniture in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia; now we are also wall mounting TVs for consumers in the area. So why not let us do the same for you ?

30 Days guarantee Workmanship on all assembly and installation.