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Manhattan NY tv wall mount and installation

In manhattan NY, we provide TV wall mounting and installation service for TV from any manufacturers at your home office or home. We wall mount TVs for apartments renters, fitness centers, corporate offices, gyms, homeowners. Let the trained, experienced professionals wall mount your TV and do it right the first time. We specialize in Flat screen TV wall mounting from all major brands Manufacturers such as: samsung, LG, vizio, panasonic, sanyo, sony, best buy, sears, walmart, costco, kmart, amazon,  etc....

Unpack your TV and TV mounting bracket and prepare it for installation

Double check and inspect all parts for any damage or defects during shipping

Find the stub inside your drywall as required by manufacturer instructions

Mount your TV mount braket and install the flat screen TV on it

Test the stability of the unit on your drywall – You are all set

We wall mount and install your TV at your home or office within 30 miles from Manhattan NY

Check out this Samsung TV wall mounted for a customer in manhattan NY, by professionals from Furniture Assembly Experts LLC. 

Let the professional wall mount your TV  for you on your drywall.